High School Football Parent

“Our son survived a heat stroke last year while practicing for high school football. He recovered fully and wants to play again this year. The CorTemp® Sensor has given us the confidence to allow him back on the field to play the game he truly loves.”

Military & Emergency Services

“We have successfully used the HQ, Inc. CorTemp Core Body Temperature Monitoring Systems since 2002 with both emergency service and military personnel. The systems have given us the flexibility and accuracy we needed to conduct a number of physically demanding field trials where the use of the “gold standard” rectal thermometer would not have been accepted or tolerated by our participants for such prolonged monitoring periods.”


“In addition to universal acceptance by all our participants, the development of the CorTemp RF capability has enabled us to remotely monitor core body temperatures in real time during some of our more realistic scenario simulations. For example, we were able to continuously monitor the core body temperatures of a team of 10 firefighters responding to a simulated high rise building fire, where temperatures in the firehouse exceeded 200° C (at 2 m above floor) and visibility was almost zero due to smoke. We were able to stand at a safe distance outside the firehouse and continue to monitor the core body temperature of all the participants during the scenario, ensuring their well-being during the simulation. Firefighters who became too warm during the trials could then be safely withdrawn and cooled, thereby minimizing the danger of developing any heat illness during the scenario. This was an essential ethics requirement for our study and would not have been possible without the RF capabilities of the HQ, Inc. CorTemp System.”

College & Professional Football ATC

“For the last 6 years we have used the CorTemp sensors to study temperature responses in college and professional football players. We had not realized the incredible clinical uses of these sensors until we had an asymptomatic professional lineman with a core temperature of 105.7 ºF. He was removed from practice and quickly cooled while his core temperature was being continuously monitored. We may have saved his life!”

Head Coach, Division I College

“Really what happened this year with some of those young guys that died earlier this year, that really hit me and hit our staff pretty hard and you don’t really understand all of it and if this can help save lives why in the world wouldn’t you do it?”

Head Medical Doctor, Division I College

“The CorTemp System has been a fantastic addition to our Heat Illness Prevention Protocol in keeping our athletes safe. We have seen a significant impact in our extremely hot, humid environment in reduction of heat related problems by earlier identification of struggling athletes. The support through HQ, Inc. has been second to none and made it very easy to use and apply to our program.”

Government Health Response Team

“The CorTemp System worked flawlessly for us during our response to an extremely hot (130-140°F) indoor environment where we had to wear chemical protective suits. The handheld PDA was the perfect application for keeping a real-time check on our vitals.”

Medical Doctor

“We have used the CorTemp system for the last five years during NFL training camps and believe it has been an effective tool to monitor and prevent heat illness in players.”

Director Athletic Training, Division I College

“Athletic trainers were able to easily measure players’ temperatures during the normal flow of football practice. Linemen typically had core temperatures that were greater than 102°F, and some were greater than 104°F, despite the fact that the staff aggressively pushed fluids. All of the players tolerated the pill, and none had any heat-related symptoms. The reassurance seemed amazing. It’s not a matter of wondering or having to wait for players to have symptoms.”

Research Scientist

“The CorTemp sensing system has been an invaluable research tool for us over the last 4 years. It has enabled us to accurately and continuously monitor the thermoregulatory responses of athletes during a number of laboratory-based exercise protocols and field sports.”

Head Athletic Trainer, Division I College

“CorTemp is a valuable tool that helps us prevent heat illness in our players. It alerts our Sports Health staff about situations that could potentially become dangerous.”

Coach, Division I College Football

“It is the most amazing thing to me that a young man can take a pill, that they can take a meter and put it next his body and be able to tell his body temperature. We do have a lot better opportunity to make it safer for them in the heat.”

Head Medical Doctor, Division I College

“Thinking of long-term use benefits… Looking at the data afterwards and deciding how we can prevent things from happening even in people that don’t have the pills in them. We roughly use about 350 pills during the two-week camp before school, which means about $12,000 on just the pills alone; however they save money on the number of IVs they have to use, as well as emergency response and transport. I think it’s benefited our program because we don’t have guys who have to sit out for days because they develop heat stroke. We have guys that we get to before they get into trouble. We cool them down, and they actually get back into that practice often pretty quickly.”