Wireless, Real-Time Temperature Solutions for Your Process

Our ThermoDot® system can deliver competitive advantages for you, offering new research opportunities and product & marketing advantages.


Product Differentiation

When you incorporate a system sensor into your product, you offer a new product feature and improve product function. For example, by offering safeguards against downtime and damage due to temperature, you can deliver higher reliability and longer product life. Used in the manufacturing process, too, the system can help produce a better product offering. For example, in food processing, it can measure temperatures inside containers during cooking, to minimize overcooking.


Raw Materials

Our ThermoDot sensors allow a company to precisely measure the heat resistance of certain materials. Given this knowledge, it’s possible for a company to meet quality standards with lower-cost materials. Its monitoring capability may enable you to eliminate certain raw materials currently being used to compensate for extreme heat and cold.


Manufacturing Efficiency

Are you freezing already-frozen products? Can you produce a quality product at lower oven temperatures? ThermoDot allows you to establish optimal processing levels. As a result, it saves energy costs and affords you new economies where you’re currently “over-processing” to comply with federal standards and to guarantee quality.


Inventory Control

In shipping and storing - particularly perishable and volatile materials - the system presents highly accurate data to assure quality control. Precise temperature readings allow tighter inventory/turnover control and help minimize shrinkage and other losses.


Facilities Management

At the same time, you might gain flexibility in your facilities' overhead costs. For example, ThermoDot may allow you to eliminate inconvenient locations and temperature chambers. It may also allow you to more compactly store materials and inventory without having to compensate for dangling thermistors. It can also enhance safety levels, especially in the transport and storage of volatile materials.


Please note, each ThermoDot is made to order.