Wireless Core Body Temperature Monitoring Data Recorder


Our CorTemp Data Recorder wirelessly picks up the signal from the CorTemp sensor and converts the signal in digital format. It displays temperature in real time and stores data for download and later analysis.

The data recorder detects the signal from the CorTemp® sensor, then displays and stores the data in memory. The unit can be preprogrammed manually or via the CorTrack® II Software. A clinician can easily transfer the recorded data directly to a PC platform where the data can be imported into Excel® or into a similar spreadsheet program for analysis.

The data recorder will monitor up to 99 different CorTemp® sensors and can be either worn by a subject for continuous monitoring or can be used to take random, manual readings of multiple subjects in a field or laboratory setting.


Long Range RF Remote Transmission

RF modules are available as accessories to the CorTemp® Recorder System. The RF accessories enable remote, wireless data transmission up to a 300 ft. line of sight distance to an RF base station. Data can be viewed in real time on a PC or handheld.