HQ, Inc. manufactures the patented CorTemp® ingestible Core Body Thermometer Pill and the RF compatible CorTemp miniaturized data recorder. We also design, develop, and manufacture custom wireless sensing systems for use in agriculture, industry, research, medicine, occupational safety and sports physiology.



Medical professionals and researchers throughout the world rely on and place their trust in our core body temperature pill technology for its use in the prevention and detection of heat stress and heat related illnesses. The CorTemp system effortlessly monitors, records, and reports real-time core body temperature - accurately, wirelessly, and comfortably, every time!



Before CorTemp, monitoring in non-laboratory environments proved difficult, if not impossible. With the absence of catheters, wire connections, or probes, scientists and clinicians can monitor their subjects at home, work, or play with integrity and freedom from discomfort and confinement.



The CorTemp temperature pill, complemented by the unobtrusive and lightweight design of our wireless data recorder and our data-graphing software, provides supreme flexibility for analysis and all your temperature-related needs.


Pro Track Record

With over 25 years of experience in monitoring wide temperature ranges with wireless, low powered sensors, HQ, Inc. is committed to providing reliable, high-quality products and systems in a consistent manner to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.